Hi there!

I’m Abiola Adebiyi, and I’m the Founder of Elevate Development Foundation. At Elevate, we value people and we believe that their stories are just as important as the impact we make in their lives, so it is only fair that I share the ‘Elevate’ story with you.

Elevate Development Foundation was founded in 2016 after I had a light bulb moment on what my life assignment is. That year, I received the gift of salvation from Jesus Christ and after a series of strong impressions laid on my heart by the Holy Spirit, I was convicted that my assignment in life is to help people


This remained a generic instruction until I discovered a YouTube documentary on a slum called Makoko in Lagos, Nigeria. I initially ignored the video as I thought such a YouTube video suggestion to be random. However, a few minutes after closing the tab, I felt yet another strong impression to go back and watch that video. It was as strong a conviction as I had when I received the instruction to ‘Help people’.

Shortly after watching the video, I called my parents and shared what I felt God was calling me to do in that moment. After school closed for the year, I immediately made my way to Makoko for the first time. I remember my first conversation with one of the community leaders being “I’m a student, I don’t know what exactly I want to do here, but I know I have to help you”. And that was the start of what is now known as Elevate Development Foundation. 


4 years down the line, Elevate Development Foundation has morphed into a Non-Profit Organisation inspiring and transforming lives in Makoko. Till date, 7100+ people have been directly impacted by our initiatives, and we don’t see ourselves stopping anytime soon!

At Elevate, we are passionate, resilient and committed to building the Nigeria we want to see, starting from the grassroot.

Investing in people’s lives is our way of leaving our impact on the world.

Email: hello@elevateng.net

RC: CAC/IT/123041