Our Team

Abiola Adebiyi

Founder, President (Projects)

 Abiola Adebiyi is a visionary Nigerian committed to empowering young people as catalysts for societal transformation. As the Founder of Elevate Development Foundation, she spearheads initiatives that facilitate the economic empowerment of Nigerian youths in slum communities, and their reintegration into the education system.

With extensive expertise in social impact, leadership, and finance, Abiola aims to effect substantial change in slum communities in Nigeria via the third sector and public policy.

She holds a BSc. in Accounting and Management from the University of Essex, and an MSc. in Sustainable Development from the University of Sussex.

Fiyinfoluwa Adewumi

President (People Experience)

Fiyinfoluwa Adewumi is a People Development professional, passionate about enabling excellent work experiences and building the great people who will build the systems and institutions of the future in Africa.

As President (People Experience), he works with the team to build corporate partnerships and ensure positive engagements across people-focused functions while contributing to innovative strategy implementation and overall effectiveness.

Faith Oluwemimo

Media Lead

Faith Oluwemimo is a Public Health Practitioner with a passionate interest in Health Policy. She believes health promotion is an important tool to improving the health of individuals towards building healthy communities and providing quality healthcare to every world citizen without any form of bias.

Omowonuola Aluko

Project Design Lead

Omowonuola Aluko is a Public Health graduate driven by the strong will to heighten and broaden access to quality healthcare. She is  passionate about empowering the population to take charge of their health, imbibe health enhancing behaviors through health education and communication as well as proffering feasible solutions to health problems and challenges nationally and globally

Joy Nduka

Project Implementation Lead

Nduka Chinememma is a Zoologist and Environmental Biologist with an interest in the environment and humans. She firmly believes spreading love to the environment will help humans live healthier lives. She has a mild obsession with books; when she isn’t glued to her books, she’s on a farm taking care of animals.

Oluwatimilehin Okedairo

Project Associate

 Oluwatimilehin is a graduate of International Law and Diplomacy with solid communication and time management abilities. Committed to finding answers to issues and using in-depth analytical skills to conclusions, with a strong desire to represent Nigeria before honorary audiences like the United Nations, UNICEF, etc. Which in his opinion may be regarded as the pinnacle of his professional life, to assist in bringing his nation back to its previous splendour in all spheres as humanly possible.

Adebisi Osindero

Project Associate

 Adebisi is a dedicated and ambitious individual who has developed a mature and responsible approach to any task given with a shared commitment to excellence, skilled in communication and teamwork. She also has a keen interest in volunteering which serves as an opportunity for her to display her passion and interests

Oluwapelumi Abodunrin

Media Associate

Oluwapelumi Abodunrin is a public health practitioner with an interest in global health policy and health economics. She is enthusiastic about impacting and building a public health system and consequently a world, where each and every individual, irrespective of background, age, gender, race, color, ethnicity and socioeconomic status, has equal and informed access to effective preventative and curative healthcare, quality education, good nutrition, and support at every stage of their development.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Public Health from Babcock University and is currently completing a Masters in Public Health

David Ayankoso

Media Associate

David Ayankoso Emmanuel is a multi-disciplinary designer with proficiency in Branding, Brand Strategy and Visual Communications, He is currently the Team Lead at Mbari Hub, a visual communication expert at Conrad Clark Nigeria, a creative designer for Crevtus Studios, Peace Church Global and Mirabel Centre.

David has worked with reputable firms and organization as relating to brand management and strategy, including Rainoil Limited, The Lagos State Government, and Benfit International, among others. David is a design and education enthusiast and so helps aspiring designers, youths and children to startup their design career and learning through various training and programs.

Israel Akinloye

Media Associate

Israel is an Educator, digitalist, and creative designer skilled in Brand and Visual Graphic Design as well Website Design.

He is passionate about youth development and skills acquisition, and has been Instrumental in training youths on digital and freelance skills; delivered through physical and virtual platforms.

At Elevate, we are passionate, resilient and committed to building the Nigeria we want to see, starting from the grassroot.

Investing in people’s lives is our way of leaving our impact on the world.

Email: hello@elevateng.net

RC: CAC/IT/123041