About Project A.C.E

Project A.C.E (Access, Community Development, Education) is an iterative 3-part project that aims to address the need for achieving economic equality for Nigerians, particularly the youths. 

It is important to note that the community one is raised in, has a significant impact on one’s way of thinking, and to an extent, one’s ability to reach self- actualisation.

Through observation and research, our team has identified a lack of ambition and purpose within disadvantaged youths in Makoko, Lagos, thus making them more susceptible to crime and other endangering lifestyles, and victims of the poverty cycle.

Phase 1: Re-orientation 

Employs re-orientation mechanisms to enable the beneficiaries unlearn unproductive ways of thinking and learn and relearn productive ways of thinking to imbibe a growth mindset.

Phase 2: Career Development 

Beneficiaries undergo upskilling programs and are connected with figures within the industries they aim to operate in to expose them to opportunities outside their community. 

Phase 3: Community Development 

The beneficiaries undergo seminars that equip them with Project Management and entrepreneurial skills to enable them to become active problem solvers in their community.

Sub-Project: Digital Transformation Program

This sub-project is under our Career Development phase. It intended to equip our Project A.C.E beneficiaries with the digital skills they need to function effectively in the workplace, as well as specialised skills in various fields for those seeking to build a career in IT.

 We are seeking financial and non-financial partners partners for this project. To work with us on this, kindly contact us.

Sub-Project: Social Transformation Program

This is a 5 week program under our Community Development phase. Over the course of 5 weeks, our Project A.C.E beneficiaries are taught the foundations of social innovation and social entrepreneurship.

They are also tasked with identifying a development issue in their community, and applying what they are taught to develop a solution.

This program was piloted with 12 youths in Makoko, and they were awarded a project grant to pilot their social innovations in the areas of SDG 1: Poverty, SDG 4: Quality Education, and SDG 13: Climate Action.

Sub-Project: Education

This sub-project is under our Re-orientation and Career Development phase. We run mentorship sessions on life skills, and career guidance sessions for our beneficiaries.

We also sponsor the purchase of JAMB and WAEC forms, and support our beneficiaries through the process of securing admission into higher education.

If you would like to sponsor a youth’s examination or university tuition fees, kindly donate here 

To partner with us on this, kindly contact us. 

At Elevate, we are passionate, resilient and committed to building the Nigeria we want to see, starting from the grassroot.

Investing in people’s lives is our way of leaving our impact on the world.

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