What constitutes an ELEVATE project?

We task ourselves with developing and implementing projects that truly address the needs of our beneficiaries and bring about real change.

All our interventions are designed to address these 3 key thematic areas

  • Economic prosperity
  • Leadership
  • Social Responsibility

We work hard to make sure that our initiatives are holistic, and that their impact are trackable, tangible and measurable. As such, we do not embark on projects that are inconsistent with our objectives or bring about short-term outputs and leave our beneficiaries’ lives unchanged in the long term.

Measuring Impact

In line with our project ethos of We collect data before and after our projects through primary and secondary research to help us assess the quality of the project and our beneficiaries’ opinions on how the project went post-execution. Impact measurement helps us evaluate our successes and our failures and inform our next step of action.

Our Programs

Special projects

How to support our projects


At Elevate, we are passionate, resilient and committed to building the Nigeria we want to see, starting from the grassroot.

Investing in people’s lives is our way of leaving our impact on the world.

Email: hello@elevateng.net

RC: CAC/IT/123041